Windows Server – “RD Connection Broker – Failed to install because one or more parent service not installed or disabled” Error Solution

Please try below steps:
1. Open PowerShell, and type “get-windowsfeature” with enter.
2. Check the cmdlet result and confirm that if Windows Internal Database has been installed. 

If WID(Windows Internal Database) has been installed:
1. Open Run, type “services.msc” and end with enter.
2. Find service Windows Internal Database, open its Properties – Log On, make sure it has been configured with “Local system account”.
3. Save the change and re-start the service, try to install RD CB again.

If problem persists, please try:
1. Uninstall the Windows Internal Database. 
2. Rename the old WID (C:\Windows\) to WID_old.
3. Try to install RDCB again to check the result. 

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