Restart/Stop/Start Windows Service Remotely – PsService Command

PsTools which is the Windows NT and Windows 2000 Resource Kits come with a number of command-line tools that help you administer your Windows NT/2K systems.

You can download from :

The tools included in the PsTools suite, which are downloadable as a package, are:

  • PsExec – execute processes remotely
  • PsFile – shows files opened remotely
  • PsGetSid – display the SID of a computer or a user
  • PsInfo – list information about a system
  • PsPing – measure network performance
  • PsKill – kill processes by name or process ID
  • PsList – list detailed information about processes
  • PsLoggedOn – see who’s logged on locally and via resource sharing (full source is included)
  • PsLogList – dump event log records
  • PsPasswd – changes account passwords
  • PsService – view and control services
  • PsShutdown – shuts down and optionally reboots a computer
  • PsSuspend – suspends processes
  • PsUptime – shows you how long a system has been running since its last reboot (PsUptime’s functionality has been incorporated into PsInfo)

PsService command is can be used to view and control services remotely.


PsService.exe [\\Computer [-u Username [-p Password]]] <cmd> <optns>

Cmd is one of the following:

query     Queries the status of a service

config     Queries the configuration

setconfig Sets the configuration

start     Starts a service

stop       Stops a service

restart   Stops and then restarts a service

pause     Pauses a service

cont       Continues a paused service

depend     Enumerates the services that depend on the one specified

find       Searches for an instance of a service on the network

security   Reports the security permissions assigned to a service

Use the username and password to log into the remote computer in cases where your account does not have permissions to perform the action you specify.


Below commands run from my computer(ERDALPC). We try to check status and restart w32time service running on SERVER1.

See the service status.

PsService.exe \\SERVER1 query w32time

PsService.exe \\SERVER1 restart w32time