PowerCLI 5.8 R1 Reference Poster ? Free Download

VMware posters were always very popular. Those free posters could usually found at HOL during VMworlds or you could download your copy as a PDF and print. If you?re learning PowerShell then you will love this new PowerCLI 5.8 R1 poster which has new and updated commands.

Download all posters Link:  http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/09/vmware-posters.html


Another example using PowerCLI is using ESXTOP:
Get-EsxTop ?Counter
# View the fields available for vCPU counter:
(Get-EsxTop ?Counter ?CounterName VCPU).Fields
Get-EsxTop ?TopologyInfo
# View the entries of a specific topology:
(Get-EsxTop ?TopologyInfo ?Topology SchedGroup).Entries | FT
# Retrieve the counter values for ?VCPU? and ?SchedGroup" counters:
Get-EsxTop ?CounterName VCPU | FT * -AutoSize
Get-EsxTop ?CounterName SchedGroup | FT * -AutoSize

I usually struggle to remember those commands and the exact syntax. This visual help is certainly very useful for every VMware admin out there. Get your copy!

VMware blog has brought to me this news of the PowerCLI 5.8 R1 poster ? check this post, or direct link to the posters page.