Manually Uninstall NetWorker in Windows

I try to upgrade NetWorker on one of the Windows client and find out NetWorker is no longer in Add / Remove Program.  If I try to upgrade, it will complain an existing version exist.  Do a bit google search and find the following article in EMC community on how to uninstall NetWorker manually in Windows.

Remove the Upgrade Code from the following registry keys:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Upgrade Codes


Windows Installer uses a GUID (Global Unique Identifier) to uniquely identify products being installed. They call it an Upgrade Code. This is used to identify that NetWorker is installed on this machine.

NetWorker has three upgrade codes (the first for NW 6.0, the second for all other NW versions (except X64), the third for the X64 package):


It may also be necessary to remove the NetWorker services from the registry. They are located in:

-Delete the following keys: nsrd, nsrexecd, nsrpm, hagentd, lgtolmd
-For NMC, the key to look for is: gstd
-After removing the services, reboot the machine.

Also run the below commands on the command prompt before you reboot the machine

sc delete nsrexecd
sc delete nsrd

All installed products have an entry in the following registry key:

-Control Panel Add/Remove programs gets its information from this key.
-If an entry under this key is deleted, it will not be displayed in Add/Remove Programs.

The above steps work for me.  The version of NetWorker on my box is 7.6.1.  You may need to delete the following key.


To manually remove the old binary.  Be very careful if it is a NetWorker server.
If it is a NetWorker server running on Windows, NEVER delete res and mm folders (that’s where the NetWorker config and media database located).  I normally keep the logs folder too.  I believe the dedupe folder contain the cache info for Avamar.

NOTE: Backup your registry keys before making changes to your registry.